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Dental Implants are perhaps the healthiest and most long lasting tooth replacement option available today. Patients tend to prefer a dental implant over the other options because it is the option that most resembles and acts like a natural tooth.

A dental implant is essentially a titanium rod that fuses with your jaw in a process called osseointegration. A missing tooth can severely weaken your facial muscles and lead to a drooping look which can increase the appearance of ageing. A dental implant will replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth restoring your natural look. Dental implants  are fixed in place with no need to remove them.

The first step towards a dental implant is to organise a consultation appointment  with Dental Care St Kilda dentist, where we will discuss all your options, costs and check if you are a suitable candidate.  The process from having a missing tooth/teeth to having a full set of teeth again can be a long journey. However, at the end of that journey, we find that patients are extremely satisfied and grateful that they can speak and eat with confidence. We are your first choice for dental implants in St Kilda, Balaclava, Elsternwick, Caulfield, Elwood and surrounds.