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The need for dental fillings arises from having dental cavities or broken teeth. Cavities are generally the end result of infrequent brushing and flossing as well as unhealthy diet choices such as sugary foods and drinks. At Dental Care St Kilda we use tooth coloured fillings which bond to the tooth and blend in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth giving an excellent aesthetic outcome. Most times patients cannot tell there is a filling placed at all! Fillings can also be placed to restore broken or chipped teeth. Our dentists at Dental Care St Kilda are trained to place quality fillings and make you feel as pain free and comfortable as possible during the procedure. We strive to make every dental appointment a positive experience for our patients.

The Filling Choices For You

Lack of dental hygiene and unhealthy diet choices are the primary reasons for tooth decay and cavity. Dental Care St Kilda offers a range of treatment solutions for our patients with various toothache and decay issues such as chipped and broken teeth and dental cavity.

Our dental filling options include the following:

Composite fillings

Made from resin, the tooth-coloured, white filling solution is the natural choice for most patients. The soft filling material can be shaped for fitting the cavity, and it can also be used for cosmetic improvements, including the reshaping of a disfigured tooth. The filling material is the choice of people who want a natural smile.

The Treatment Procedure

At Dental Care St Kilda, the treatment begins with an oral examination. During the examination, our dentists will evaluate the extent of the tooth decay and check for any other oral issues, and more. It helps us to create a tailored treatment plan that is ideal for your tooth condition.

Before beginning the procedure, our dentist will administer a local anaesthetic around the affected tooth to numb the area. We will drill the decayed area using modern dental tools and remove it. Once the decay is removed, we will clean the cavity and remove any debris or bacteria and place the tooth filling material.

Based on the extent of your tooth decay and damage, we may add some medications before placing the filling material. In many cases, tooth filling materials are applied in multiple layers and use a special light to harden each of these layers. Once the process is completed, we will remove any excess material, shape the tooth, and polish it to present you with healthy tooth and confident smile.

Why Dental Care St Kilda?

We are a team of passionate dentists and care professionals and we offer our patients personalised, expert dental treatment solutions with utmost care. At Dental Care St Kilda, you will experience the following:

• Qualified and experienced team of dentists and care professionals
• State-of-the-art systems and tools for diagnosis and treatment
• A seamless healing environment
• Access to preferred provider networks – Medibank Private, BUPA, HCF, NIB, which guarantee affordable prices
• Friendly, professional service experience

At Dental Care St Kilda, you can also access emergency dental treatment services. If you have a dental emergency you may be seen the same day.

Restore Your Decayed Tooth

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